About the Shaduwenian Empire

The Great Holy Empire and Sacred Realms of Shaduwenian (commonly as Shaduwenian) is a sovereign nation, situated in the planet of Dryarc, Neburan Solar System of Ra Ryudyn Galaxy. The nation consist of the continent (The Great Shaduwenian ), the seven major islands ( Isla Arcilla, Isla Aquatyn, Isla Arc Radji, Saringati Island, Xedarin Island, Isla Fujishen and Isla Sacre Imperia ), an annexed territories ( The Autonomost Province of Rydenian and Jydenian Province ) and a self-governing crown colony (The Holy Kingdom of Azraxyl). The Great Holy Empire and Sacred Realms of Shaduwenian is dictated by "His Royal Highness, the Highpriest, Supreme and Divine Ruler" John Ray Arcilla .

The leadership is based primarily upon the reception of the current leader to accept a new term from his/her self. The people of Shaduwenian are so technologically advanced that each citizen does not physically go to work, but simply thinks of his/her office space and it materializes in whatever physical space they currently occupy. Health care is available to each citizen by right of birth and all health care officials are paid incentives for keeping citizens healthy.

Crime is virtually unheard of in Shaduwenian as policing forces are given the right to take any means necessary to publicly reprimand criminals. Shaduwenian has great pride in its powerful military force which does not hesitate to reprimand any violation of the law publicly and with unusually excessive force. Religious tolerance is non-existent as all citizens are restricted to follow the State Religion, the Shaduwenisme. All citizens of this country take a mandatory standardized test to evaluate their intelligence, and all those who do not score well enough are forced to go back to school.

Conservation issues drive this nation's production of vehicles that run completely on green energy. This country's economic system is completely run by corporations working in the free market and, subsequently, only the CEO's of large corporations are eligible to hold public office, and any freedom which a citizen understands is available to them.