The History of Shaduwenian Empire


By the late Paleolithic period, the subtropical climate of Dryarc Peninsula forced the populations of the area to concentrate on the southern banks of  Xyder River, and since nomadic modern human hunter-gatherers began living in the region through the end of the Middle Pleistocene some 120 thousand years ago, the Xyder River has been the lifeline of Arcyn City. The fertile floodplain of the river gave humans the opportunity to develop a settled agricultural economy and a more sophisticated, centralized society that became a cornerstone in the history of Shaduwenian civilization.

By about 5500 BC, Arcyn City is becoming overcrowded making it the beginning of the expansion. It was also that time which King Shaduwprins declared himself as the ruler of the new empire naming it the Shaduwenian Empire. The empire expands its territory in every corner of Dryarc Peninsula.

In that time Shaduwenian civilization made contact with two other civilizations. The Fjorgundian Empire ruled the land in the northwest with its capital Jorgun ( now: Zutherland ) and Hyuwei Empire ruled the island of Isla Fujishen in east with Hyei ( now: Samryn City) as its capital. There has been countless time that each empire tried to invade the other without any success rate.

The Fall of Fjorgundian Empire

Around 1550 BC, King Maranez of Shaduwenian leads its army to the gate of Jorgun. The city was besieged almost 2 years before the King Gundum of Fjorgundian realize that he could not win.

By act of despiration he leads his army outside the gate where King Maranez army awaits him. Only to find death and defeat of his army, which made the siege to Jorgun much more easier. It was then that the lineage of Fjorgundian Kings had ended. 

                           Picture: Siege of Jorgun

The annexation of Fjorgundian Empire was without any resistance, but as time goes by the people appreciate the Shaduwenian culture and its rulership.

War with Hyuwei Empire

In 1070 BC , Hyuwei Empire and Shaduwenian Empire declared war to each other for the control of the Sea  of Arcilla. Hyuwei Empire is renowned for its strong naval fleet and they wish to stay it that way. But this is out of the question to King Hylion the Fine of Shaduwenian. He made more than enough ships to overcome any possible treats of invasion from King Aldrin of Hyuwei. King Aldrin is outraged to this and therefore he sent his army to attack Port Srein to make it a harbor city for his naval fleet. 

                 Picture: Shaduwenian Armada

Unfortunetly the news has been intercepted by King Hylion and therefore he ordered to sent the Shaduwenian Armada to Hyei. The battle was catastrophic for both empires. The war lasted for several years with none of the two empires could change the tide of war. Queen Salvation of Hyuwei, daughter of King Aldrin who inherit the throne after the death of his father,  decide that this war has affected the Hyuwei economy and that the people are becoming demoralize, therefore she sent one of her diplomat to arrange a treaty. It was the beginning of the end for Hyuwei Empire. The Hyuwei Empire became a vassal of the much more powerful Shaduwenian Empire. To ensure  that Hyuwei people will remain loyal to its new ruler, it was decided that the Crown Princess Ryena of Hyuwei  should married the Crown Prince Vladimir I of Shaduwenian . This became the unification between the two empires.     

First Exapansion Periode 

In 10th century under the rule of King Ryzen-Farin the Great, the Shaduwenian Empire begun expanding his territory to west and south. It is followed by conquering other inhabited island southeast of Dryarc Peninsula.

In 16th century King Jagan the Terrible ruled the empire with such a tyranny making the empire in a distress situation which the popularity of the nobles started descending.  His younger brother  Prince Anch the Just tried to coup the empire with support of the people of Shaduwenian and with success.

The Great War of the Syntexian Succesion

The Great War of the Sythexian Succession (1740-1750), also known as King George's War in the west of Shaduwenian Empire,  involved the Shaduwenian Empire and other neigboring territories. The war began under the pretext that Princess Maria Theresa of Syntex was ineligible to succeed to the Adyron thrones of her father, King Charles VI, because Salic law precluded royal inheritance by a woman, though in reality this was a convenient excuse put forward by Shinji, Dracodyn and Hadoveran to challenge Adyron power. Syntex was supported by Shaduwenian Empire through out the war. After several years od fighting the Syntexian people seek to be annexed in Shaduwenian empire to end the war and to be protected from the destruction.  The war ended with the annexation of Hadoveran Empire, Dracodyn Empire and Shinji Empire who refuse to recognize the treaty and thus declaring Shaduwenian Empire as their enemy. Princess Maria Theresa died without a heir to the throne en thus the plan of Syntexian people to join the illustrious empire of Shaduwenian came to reality.

Modern History

In 20th century His Royal Highness John Ray I (also known as John Ray the Forgiving)son of King Javaren the Silent leads the nation to a new era of prosperity and entered the Information Age. In 2009 he joined an alliance that unites all the monarchist nations.

Soon after his admission to monarchistic society, H.R.H. John Ray I decided to create a faction to unite and protect every monarchy. And so it has began the creation of a faction: The Covenant of Royal Blood

                Picture: Ruins of Jorgenport    

In February the 15th 2010, The Republic of Sadjedi declared war to The Great Holy Empire and Sacred Realms of Shaduwenian and to this act of aggression Shaduwenian received help from his closes allies. The result was a full defeat of Sadjedi and annexation of the Southwestern Territory into the Empire. The region is now called The Autonomost Province of Rydenian with El-Arajyn as its province capital.  

After a week later a new war has started. War has occured between Yalora and Mentaçti Union. H.R.H John Ray I give support to Yalora. The war ended with defeat of the agressor. The annexed cities ( Drepae, Klandestines, Sulla, Jorgenport) from The Civist Confederacy of The Mentaçti Union at the time of war with The Nation of Yalora were largerly destroyed. His Royal Highness John Ray I and the leader of The Mentaçti Union made an agreement giving the cities of Drepae, Klandestine en Sulla back to its owner in exchange for territory around Jorgenport. The new territory is now called Jydenian Province with Port Junry as its province capital. Jorgenport was destroyed after the war and the continuestly fighting of the resistance against the annexation. After several intervention of other country H.R.H. John Ray I made an peace proposal, giving all cities back to Mentaçti ( now called Feztavia ) in return for coastal territory which has been divided to all participant of the war.     

The Empire of Arcane Xylion Succesion

The Empire of Arcane Xylion came to civil war after gaining independence from its former ruler. Emperor Jynryu seek aid and support from other greater nation to stabilize the empire. Without any hesitation Shaduwenian answered the call and support Emperor Jynryu. Peace came finally to the empire of Arcane Xylion.

Emperor Jynryu ceded the empire to Shaduwenian and thus the empire became a Shaduwenian self-governing crown colony.