Imperial Armed Force of Shaduwenian

The Imperial Armed Forces of Shaduwenian or IAFS  are the overall unified military forces of the Holy Empire and Sacred Realms of Shaduwenian. They consist of the Imperial Shaduwenian Army, Imperial Shaduwenian Navy, Imperial Shaduwenian  Air Force, Imperial Shaduwenian Space Force, Imperial Shaduwenian Marine Corps, Imperial Shaduwenian Military Police Corps, Shaduwenian Coast Guard and Imperial Guard .

The different service branches, all reporting to the Supreme Commander who is the highest ranking officer in the Empire, except for the Emperor of Shaduwenian. The Supreme Commander in turn reports to the Ministry of Defence. The  Ministry of Defence is the principal organ by which military policy is carried out under consideration of the emperor. The Defence Minister give the  Emperor of Shaduwenian the advice before executing the plan.